Wednesday, 22 February 2012

5 Most Expensive Jewelry in the World


Here’s the most expensive jewelry in the world. As We all know, jewelry is a women thing. By wearing any jewelry beautiful women looks more beautiful. But wearing these jewelry is different case. These jewelry is a symbol of wealthy and success. Let’s take a look at these most expensive jewelry in the world

5. Flawless Blue Diamond, Sold in Sotheby’s : $ 7.98 Millions
This Sotheby’s blue diamond has 6.04 carats and it is mounted in a superb rings that was sold in a Hong Kong exhibition at the amazing price of $7.98 million.

4.Diamond Drop Earrings by House Of Harry Winston: $8.5 millions
These Diamond drop earrings are the creation of Harry Winston. The 60 carat diamonds are mounted in platinum. The drop shaped earrings are suitable for any outfit.

3. Heart-shaped Burma Ruby Necklace: $14 millions
The romantic shaped ruby necklace that has as a centerpiece a 40.63 carat Burma ruby belongs to an English jeweler. It is mounted also with 155 carat worth of diamonds.

2. White Diamond by Sotheby’s: $23 millions
The white diamond belonged to the Sotheby’s auction house and had 100.1 carat. It was initially sold for $16 million but the current value reaches $23million.(Link)

1. Diamond Bikini by Susan Rosen And Steinmetz: $30 million

The diamond bikini is created by Susan Rosen with Steinmetz Diamonds and has more then 150 carats of D Flawless diamonds. The item is at the same time the most expensive diamond jewelry and the most expensive bathing suit.

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