Thursday, 26 September 2013

Enjoy the Most Beautiful and Interesting Pictures

1. Airplanes Landed on Glaciers of Mt. Mckinley. Alaska, USA
"The Lu Bingchuan" Danna Li National Park, Alaska, USA

2. Colorful Houses of Manarola During Sunset Time. Cinque Terre, Italy

Last hint of sun shining Italy Cinque Terre Manalo those colorful beach house

3. The Magnificent Rotunda of Carnival Destiny Cruise Ship

Carnival Destiny Cruise magnificent hall

4. Under the Duomo of Siena. Siena, Italy

Italy Xian Na Cathedral

5. Of all the great pizaazes of Italy, Piazza del Campo is the loveliest.

Known as Italy's most lovely square 锡安娜康波 Square in the night extraordinarily quiet and beautiful

6. Couple Dancing During Cincinnati Oktoberfest. Cincinnati, USA

Oktoberfest in Cincinnati on the roadside a young couple dancing to the accompaniment of the orchestra

7. Hallstatt, the most beautiful lake-side town in the world. Hallstatt, Austria

First rays of morning sunshine Austria Hallstatt town America if wonderland. Hallstatt secluded himself as the world's most beautiful lakeside town

8. Lincoln Memorial in Early Morning. Washington DC, USA

Golden dawn in Washington, DC Lincoln Memorial

9th Beautiful Duomo di Siena. Siena, Italy

Xian Na magnificent cathedral

10. Street Band Performing. Siena, Italy

In Italy Xian Na small band of street performances

11. Gondolier. Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy Gondola hand

12. Venice Night. Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy, the night sky into the water as the faint blue ice, San Giorgio Maggiore church seemed brilliant

13. Saint Mark's Basilica and Flooded Piazza San Marco. Venice, Italy

Europe's most beautiful living room - night in the magnificent St. Mark's Cathedral and St. Mark's Square

14. A Clown putting her markup. Vienna, Austria

Vienna's city center one being street performers clown makeup

15. Vicissitude of the History

Venice, although everywhere downtown, the air was filled with the vicissitudes of weakness

16. A Timeless Classic - John Roebling Bridge. Cincinnati, USA
John Roebling Bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world when it was built.

Elegant John Roebling Bridge in Cincinnati, once the world's longest suspension bridge

17. Window Reflections. Cincinnati, USA

Inverted image

18. Father and Son Waiting at the Finish Line of a Local Race. Mason, USA

Ohio town beside the marathon finish line, waiting for mom son sprint

19. Cruise Ship Approaching the Harvard Glicier. College Fjord, Alaska, USA

Large cruise ships approaching the huge Harvard Glacier, Alaska

20. Town Square. Hallstatt, Austria

Austria Hallstatt town of exquisite beauty of the municipal plaza

21. Old Man in Campo di Fiori. Rome, Italy

Campo de 'Fiori in Rome, Italy on the elderly

22. Night life of a Rome Piazza. Rome, Italy

Place the streets at night, Rome, Italy game children

23. Viewed From Sea Vernazza Cinque Terre, Italy

Blue sky and white clouds in the Cinque Terre, Italy Nashville Nursultan

24. Vernazza Under First Ray of Sunshine. Cinque Terre, Italy

Early morning in Cinque Terre, Italy Nashville Nursultan

25. Moon Rise over Forbidden City. Beijing, China

Moon is the hometown

26. A Traditional Craftsman in Anhui, China

Anhui an old craftsman

27. A Tourist Poses in front of Chicago's Modern Sculpture "Cloud Gate". Chicago, USA

Chicago Millennium Park, a modern sculpture in the world famous "cloud Fei" front man posing photo

28. Crown Fountain at Night. Chicago. Chicago, USA

Chicago Millennium Park, another world famous public art "Crown Fountain"

29. Golden Gate Bridge At Dawn. California,USA

Golden Gate Bridge in the early morning extraordinarily brilliant

30. Waiting for the sunrise. Peyto Lake, Banff National Park, Canada

Canada's Banff National Park Peyto Lake. Morning three young girls from different countries in the hills waiting for the sunrise first ray of sunshine

31. "Flamingo". Chicago, USA

Chicago, Federal Center Plaza's "Flamingo" giant sculpture. This is a 53-foot-tall red steel. By the American sculptor Alexander Calder completed in 1974.

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