Monday, 16 January 2012

Amazing and Creative Environmental Friendly Green Tattoos

Tattooing yourself all over the place hardly makes a sense unless you are sure about what you are wearing. So, most of us, I suppose, will not ever allow just anything to stick to him or her permanently or temporarily, owing to their often-unsavory reputation. Accordingly, we see people flaunting their values through this oldest form of body art...

It goes for the eco-conscious lot as well. While some of the tattoos they deck themselves in happen to be intriguingly green, others try to reflect the same eco-sense with a different connotation. Here is a pictorial-presentation of such eco-themed tattoos that will impress any greenzer for sure.
Windmill tattoo

By far the best green-themed tattoo we’ve seen is this group of simple wind turbines on the arm of a lovely young lady who is clearly a big fan of renewable energy.

Bike tattoo

This trio of bicycling enthusiasts have made their love for free, green transportation visible to the world on their backs, forearms and ankles.

Recycle, reduce and reuse

There’s hardly a more potent emblem of green than the recycling symbol, so it’s a popular optionamong environmentalists with a passion for ink.

Sea turtle tattoo

Sea turtles are at once a beautiful example of the rich array of wildlife that call the world’s oceans home and an icon of the conservation movement. They also apparently make for pretty, tasteful tattoo subject matter – at least in this case.

Swamp tattoo

Maureen, the proud owner of this swamp tattoo, writes “I am a PhD student in Ecology. I have toiled away the years of my dissertation working in wetlands across Ohio. The extended exposureto methane gases and gallons of blood donated to mosquitoes, ticks and leeches inspired my tattoo. In addition to the clear inspiration from my habitat of choice, each item in the tattoo symbolizes a very personal analogy in my own life – past, present and future. I’m pretty sure only nerds among wetland nerds can figure it out. Anyway, as you can see it’s still a work in progress. I have 18 hours in so far and have been working on it for two years. Only a wetland ecologist with a penchant for entomology would sit for such a tedious process, right?”

Go Veg Promo Tattoo

Vegetarians will appreciate this animal rights-themed tattoo, in which a cow, pig and chicken hold up signs that read “If I barked… or purred… would you still eat me?” Unsurprisingly, 

 VEGAN tattoo

On a similar note, fellow animal lover “Jinxi” has inked herself not only with a bold black “VEGAN” tattoo but also sports a downright amazing portrait of a cow. Seriously, who knew bovine body ink could be so pretty?

Delphine with a bong

The author of a book called “No Regrets: The Best, Worst and Most #$%*ing Ridiculous Tattoos Ever”, Aviva Yael, deemed this her favorite tattoo of all time. Yes, it’s a dolphin with a douchey tribal armband tattoo of its own sitting in a recliner enjoying a nice relaxing bong hit. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Cover-up stretch tattoo
cover up stretch tattoos

Growing green

tree tattoo
 Earth Wind Fire Water
earth wind water tattoo

Greenpeace Tattoo 

greenpeace tattoo 

Save Electricity tattoo

save electricity tattoo 

Nitrogen cycle explained
nitrogen cycle tattoo 

vegetarian green tattoo

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