Monday, 31 December 2012

F1 Car Replicas Made From Unusual Things

hedge formula 1 car
F1 has a big fanfare and so have the F1 cars. The lovers of this amazing race completion come out with unique replicas of F1 racers every now and then. There are sand sculptures, ice replicas; Puma shoe box F1 cars as well as replicas from unusual things like bread loaves. For all F1 enthusiasts we’ve listed F1 replica cars that you would surely love to lay your hands on.
F1 car sculpture with 1500 bullet holesf1 car sculptures 600 bullet holes shot
Info: This F1 car sculpture by Pintor Sirait is called Democracy and is a thought provoking pieces where the artist uses F1 car sculptures to convey everything that is wrong with the world. Democracy is covered in bullet holes, 1500 bullet holes to be exact.
 F1 racer made of Styrofoama formula 1 racer made entirely of styrofoam
Info: The life sized F1 replica is created by Michael Salter entirely out of scrap Styrofoam. 
 F1 car made of bread piecesf1 car made with bread
Info: This F1 replica is a delicious piece of speed, and is made out of 22 varieties of bread and a thousand loaves. Every part of the car is edible, probably except the supporting structure that keeps the bread in shape.

 Matchsticks Mercedes F1 car
matchsticks mercedes f1
Info: Michael Arndt transformed 956,000 Matchsticks into a full-scale replica of a McLaren 4/14 F1 car. Turning this fiction into dream cost Arndt around 6000 Euros, including 1686 glue-tubes.
 F1 car made of Puma clothspuma f1 car
Info: This F1 racer is created by Puma from clothes. They built it out of Puma shirts, shoes, sandals, socks, hats, and presumably everything they could find with the Puma mark, and managed to create a detailed F1 racecar.
Lego Ferrari lego ferrari f1
Info: Well, this working Lego Ferrari was made out of 80,000 bricks to promote the Lego World in Oct, 2008 and was driven in the streets of Amsterdam by Leon Krijgsman.
F1 car sculpture of Ice f1 ice car
Info: The life sized ice sculpture of Alonso’ F1 car was made by Niall Magee.
Hedge F1 carhedge formula 1 car
Info: The spectacular hedges cut like a Formula1 car and pit lane mechanics will set the hearts of any motoring fan racing. Gardeners at the Williams F1 headquarters spend hours every month trimming their topiary. The 11ft long car is made from six plants and each 6ft high mechanic is made from two.
Puma shoe boxes F1 racerpuma f1 car d_4xwgt_1292
Info: Wilson brothers: Oscar, Ben and Luke made a life sized F1 racing car while cutting Puma shoe boxes into different shapes and then hand fixing them to make a coherent whole of F1 racer.
 McLaren F1 Ice carmclaren f1 car made out of ice_wdi1t_1292
Info: The full-scale replica of McLaren F1 car get ice form from 2 tonnes of ice and was made to mark the McLaren’s 40th anniversary in F1 in the 2006 Monaco Grand Prix.
Sand sculpture of F1 car sebastian vettel sand red bull racing car
Info: Sebastian Vettel of Germany and Red Bull Racing is seen with sand sculpture of a Red Bull Racing car on St Kilda beach during previews to the Australian Formula One Grand Prix on March 26, 2009 in Melbourne, Australia. 

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