Thursday, 20 December 2012

Most Luxuriest and Priciest Private Jets

 What does a billionaire do when having a private jet becomes so affordable that mere millionaires can swing the cost? He trades up to a Boeing 747-8, say, or to a Airbus 380 costing $280 million and $300 million, respectively.
Back in 1996, when Boeing introduced the first "personal use" version of one of its commercial airliners, the $30 million Boeing Business Jet (a reconfigured 737) was treated as the last word in spaciousness and luxury. Now, compared with competing luxe lifts, a 737 looks like mashed potatoes.Here is the list of most luxuries and priciest private jets.
Airbus A380
$300 million-plus

 Although the name of the sole purchaser of the Airbus A380 remains a secret, the plane is widely thought to have been ordered by a member of Gulf State royalty. No doubt the owner will take advantage of the flying range. It can travel 9,000 miles nonstop, without refueling--the distance, say, from Chicago to Sydney, Australia.

Boeing 747-8
$270 million-$280 million
Four people have already purchased the Boeing 747-8, and two of those lucky individuals ponied up the cash early enough to take possession by 2010, provided the Federal Aviation Administration certifies it for noncommercial use by then. The purchase price gets you only the basics. To outfit it with a suitably luxe interior, expect to pay $20 million more. 
Boeing 767 
$118 million-$165 million
The Boeing 767 is favored by such billionaires as Chelsea football club owner Roman Abromavich and Google founders Larry Page and Serge Brin. The wide-body airplane has a relatively low operating cost, compared with similar craft, which may satisfy more stingy investors.

Boeing Business Jet
3 $68 million
Also known as the 737-900ER, this classic business jet is the latest updated version of the plane that pioneered the concept of converted commercial jets in 1996. Its state-of-the-art flight deck systems, such as Head-Up Display, Global Positioning Landing System and Vertical Situation Display, bring this model to the top the tech queue.

Airbus ACJ 
$65 million-plus 

Aviation company Privatair uses the Airbus Corporate Jet to accommodate several of its high net worth customers. Heads of state--including French officials and the president of Brazil--use the plane as a main form of transportation, says CEO Greg Thomas.

Bombardier BD-700 Global Express
$45 million

The ultra-long, ultra-speedy corporate jet makes flying from New York to Tokyo almost a breeze, thanks to a top speed of almost 600 mph. What's more, it's got a spacious 48.5-foot cabin.

Embraer Lineage 1000 
$40.95 million 

The company calls this "the most accomplished and luxurious business jet ever brought to market," and it has launched a massive marketing campaign at high net worth individuals and heads of state. Announced in May 2006, this 19-passenger jumbo jet will take its first flight in the middle of next year.

Gulfstream G550
$36 million 

This business jet not only won the approval of London-based billionaire Lakshmi Mittal--it's also used by the U.S. Air Force. The aircraft's attributes include a satellite-based Global Positioning System, enhanced weather radar, autopilot and a military-style "heads-up" display that allows pilots to take their eyes off the control panel.

Dassault Falcon 900
$33 million-plus 

This three-engine corporate jet is one of the more technologically advanced airplanes out there and is one of the only corporate jets that offer more than two engines. Billionaire Sergio Mantegazza, president of Swiss tour company Globus & Cosmos, is a confirmed Falcon owner.

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