Sunday, 27 January 2013

Amazing Creative furniture Design

The difference between art and design is that design is bridging the gap between art and real life by implementing the art and creative ideas in the real world and industry. For example, the advertising industry applies the art concept in promoting products and ideas.

Here is the most mundane pieces of furniture in a new and different amazing look. These are From creative transformable, collapsible and comfortable designs to incredible flat-pack,  funky and futuristic....


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  3. These designs are really stunning, it's so wonderful.

  4. That wooden polished chairs look really awesome all the designs are great the designers of all these furniture items must be so experienced The Book shelf in the shape of map? That's awesome i want that one for my study room :P

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  5. I have no words to say anything, i just said its superbbbbb!!!!!! office cubicle solutions Chicago


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