Sunday, 24 February 2013

Interesting Poholes Turned To Art Work

Alice in Wonderland chases after a rabbit which is about to jump into a very large black hole
'I don't use Photoshop to create the image or add props, I only use it for colour correction.
'Seeing people's reactions to my work is wonderful, mostly smiles and laughter...

'They are astonished to hear that I do not photoshop the props into the scenes, but that everything is actually set in and around the pothole.'

A model washes clothes and kitchen appliances in a pothole designed to look like a washbasin
Davide then used models to create quirky scenarios, such as a fisherman reeling in a catch and a lifeguard saving a person from drowning.

A man uses one pothole to make his own wine, stamping on grapes in a hole to get the juice

Tasty: In one image a pothole transforms into a bowl which a man enjoys eating spaghetti and meatballs from
'I decided to channel my frustration into a positive project where the useless pothole would be a source of humour and creativity.

A fisherman in Wellington Boots catches a fish in a pothole disguised as a pond

A photographer, based in New York, has been inspired to create quirky images with potholes after he damaged his car when he ran over one. Pictured is a diver diving into a 'swimming pool' pothole off a makeshift board

Pretty makeover: A gardener makes use of the holes in the ground by filling them with soil and plants

Champagne and strawberries: Three girls enjoy several bottles of bubbly, chilled in an ice bucket created from a pothole

A Baywatch babe runs towards a pothole to save a person whose hand looms out from the water

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