Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Invisivle Man (Dis)appears Again

 Popular: The images have gathered critical and public acclaim across the world...

 Camouflage: The artist blends in with rows and rows of people dressed in red hoods in this picture posed in Beijing

 Art imitating art: A wall covered in graffiti provides another fascinating backdrop for Liu Bolin to disappear

 Frozen like a statue: The artist has no problem disappearing even in an outdoor environment such as in front of this Chinese statue
 Vanished: An incredible attention to detail is required for Liu Bolin to blend into backgrounds such as these shelves full of soft toys
 Blink and you'll miss it: Travellers could be forgiven for not noticing artist Liu Bolin hiding at this bus stop
 Patience: The artist spends up to ten hours at at time to ensure the effect is inch perfect

 Thin air: Artist Liu Bolin says his 'invisible' pictures make a statement about his place in society

 Disappearing act: No matter how complex the backdrop, Liu Bolin manages to become virtually invisible to the naked eye
 Fading away: The artist creates his own version of a family portrait with a mother, father and child stood in front of a lantern shop in Beijing

Seamless: Artists spend hours carefully painting Liu Bolin from head to toe so he can blend in to the background

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