Thursday, 21 February 2013

Worlds Most Amazing Resturent's and Bar's

Chilled: In Quebec City, the Ice Bar is carved out of an enourmous ice block inside the Ice Hotel, which is also made of ice

 Seat's Taken: The Sunland Pub in Limpopo Province, South Africa, can only handle a few patrons, but it's located inside of a 6,000-year-old Baobab tree
 Thirst: The Red Sea Star Bar in Eilat, Israel, is located 6 meters under the sea, offering inspiring views of fish, coral and other creatures
 Spooky: The H.R. Giger Alien Bar in Chur, Switzerland, is not for the fainthearted as the chairs, ceiling, and bar are made to look like an awesome anatomy project
 Hit the Ceiling: Madame Claude's in Berlin is decorated with chairs, furniture and lighting hanging upside down from the ceiling and walls
 View: The Sky View Bar inside of Dubai's Burj Al Arab Hotel sits on the 27th floor, 200 meters above sea level, offering customers a view of both the clouds  above and the ocean below
 Painkiller: The Clinic Bar in Singapore boasts hospital beds and wheelchairs for thirsty patrons. Drinks are served through test tubes and drips in a space

Prehistoric? The Alux Lounge in Playa del Carmen, Mexico is just a short trip away from the beach but feels like its a few centuries from the past

Deadly: Drinkers with a death wish may want to check out the Coffin bar in Truskavets, Ukraine, which is housed inside the largest coffin in the world

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