Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Luxurious Versailles Train of the World

In the The Luxurious Versailles Train very few train passengers would describe the ride as a very exciting or luxurious experience which make there mind fresh, unless they bought special first class seats. Few French passengers can enjoy a whole different ride of the train. What looks like a regular subway from the outside...

See here some most Beautiful Pictures of this train inner and outer side...

 The interior of the train represent seven different areas of the palace,which includes mirror, maze, battles gallery, Mary Antoinette treasures and the royal library.

 The project is funded by clerks in the Versailles palace the fast train operators in France. This may be a marketing stunt, but we sure would love a ride on this train, which is sure to be a fun.
 The interior design of the train is soo beautiful its mixes paintings, wallpaper, sculptures and mirrors that convey the feeling and grandeur of the palace rooms.
 the 17th and 18th centuries which serverd at the home of versailles places which i smostly used to serve as the center of political power in France.

 From the city of Paris to Versailles, located about 20 km south-west, the train allows its passengers to get into the atmosphere even before reaching the palace, thats very common thing in this train which is not in any other train of the world.

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