Saturday, 19 January 2013

Story of Gene Dexter

My name is Jean. Jean Dexter . I live in a mental hospital. No, not because I'm crazy. Although I sometimes start to think that here I'm going crazy ... I was born in a rich family. No matter who my parents were - they are no more. Now there is a lot of what it was before ... In the meantime, it was, I lived happily without knowing sadness and disappointment. Until I met him. Detective writer, Colin Makrayzera. I fell in love with him at first sight. One month after the beginning of our relationship, we decided to get married. As the parents were against it! But I was firm in intent and believes in love. I told them just go away if they do not allow us to be together.



What could they do but agree? Before the wedding, my mother was a long time in front of me on my knees, sobbing, and discouraging the wedding. Repeated that he wanted only my money. I still remember the picture. I still remember my words, that it did not interfere with my life and did not spoil the wedding. wedding was chic. Honeymoon too. After we lived in a house, I bought my parents. And live, I have to say, good luck. I had a daughter, Alice. Having said this good news to parents, I invited them to visit. They immediately boarded a plane to hurry to see her granddaughter. I got in a car accident ... My grief was endless. But I must go on, right?


I have a lovely daughter, a wonderful husband. I'll still be happy. When Colleen learned about the accident, he was out. I thought it was too hard. Mourn the evening, I went to bed. In the morning I could not find her daughter. And her husband. It appeared only for dinner. When I asked where my daughter, he said that I will not see it until you rewrite all I have for him. Do not remove from his house. I did not have the strength to say anything to him. But he demanded an answer. Of course, I started to fight back and scream like crazy. Immediately were nurses. He said, pointing his finger at me and began to speak loudly to them that I'm crazy, that I was not myself after the death of their parents. I was trying to kill his daughter, Alice, now pounced on him. It was difficult not to believe him when I screamed and struggled from the nurses that is forces.


I cursed him, and wanted him dead, she begged him ... Of course, they believed him. And they took me to a mental hospital. To say that there was terrible - to say nothing. I almost do not remember - a few years I was just a vegetable. behold, mental hospital broke. Chief physician at the last money we built a small house on the outskirts of the city. I have heard from their conversation that we just left there to die. Do not leave anyone who could take care of us. But I went away after the drugs that we do not work hard the last few days, managed to quietly get the keys to the gate of the house.

  It remains to wait until they are gone ... And doctors do not. We 8th locked in this horrible house. I was about to leave, but ... Can I throw them on what not capable unattended? After all, they really are crazy. No, I was determined to stay for a while.

  After all, in addition, I have to bring myself up. I need to re-establish themselves after a few years in the prison. It is necessary to develop his body and mind. To be prepared to meet with someone who is guilty in my time of death. lifelong dream - a healthy body, healthy mind Rules Challenge Harry Weasley He waited a long time, until it comes to a letter from Hogwarts. But here he was already more than 30 years, and the letters did not come. Confident that he cheated, hid the letter, he began almost destroy everything left and right. Almost as spell "Avada Kedavra" for some reason did not work. Kenyatta Foley this woman think she a queen.



While her habits haunted house, it's still anxious. But when she started to go out, giving all the orders and trying to kill all those who disobey, it locked up in a mental hospital. Lillian Foster 's who really deserves a place here. She killed her first husband, for what he constantly spreads around the house wear. In court, she has proved to everyone that such behavior is not acceptable if the wife. Then she tried to kill the judge and an assistant judge, considering that her husband persuaded her to sue. 

 He himself says that just stole some candy. But he was certainly no one believes. Anakin Skywalker story of this young man is really tragic. At an early age he was the fault of the teacher, whom he considered a friend, left with no arms and no legs ... It's over, now his limbs restored using modern medicine, but it is still hard not to feel sorry for him. And not to admire them. After all, even without arms and legs, this guy continues to live, live light, not going to the dark side. Angela Miles And he imagined himself as a girl. He considers himself a stunning blonde. No, of course he was not engaged in homosexuality. He is not ready for such relationships. Only after the wedding. Our psychiatric hospital, which is located between the mountains on the lake in the town of Sunset Valley...

Protection that was taking her to jail, she also tried to kill him. Therefore, it is safest to be placed here. Lindsay Thurman She calls herself emo. He was cutting the veins, because people did not believe that she had in truth grown cat ears out of her favorite anime and taunted her. They laughed at the fact that she looks silly cartoons in 20 years. Shouting "This is not a cartoon!" she was cutting veins with a dull knife in the kitchen while parents who noticed it did not pass it over here. Nathan Young Very nice guy. No one knows why he's here.

So we're inside, without doctors and supervisors. Now, it turns out, I was their chief nurse? Well I'll try to do for my patients best. Some of them just can not seem to recover from drugs that we work hard in the hospital. They barely once inside, just got ... So they sat on the ground, staring into space is still very, very long time. And Harry did not even bother to sit down. was a bit scary to watch him with a detached gaze stood and looked at one point. Well, Angela and Nathan did not panic. Noticing instruments standing in the hall, they ran with cries of joy to them, looked at each other excitedly. And without hesitation they sat down to play, Nathan for bass, and Angela at the piano. Hmm, they do not play the best they could. Urgently needs was to divert them from this activity, otherwise we will remain deaf. It was just impossible to listen! Need to make them (and yourself at the same time) to eat. kuhnyu.Tut I went to the echoes of their terrible games were almost inaudible.


 I hope they have enough salad. Salad was quickly ready, and I sat the children to eat. They are almost never mentioned. But judging from the contented lowing meals, salad they loved. Lindsay even washed the dishes after a meal. That's what I did not expect from her. She waited until all eat, and then just went to the sink and began to wash. She pleasantly surprised me. Which is a good, sweet girl. I hope it will do the dishes often. Although of course it is not always nice and ... Poor Nathan! After that, he sobbed for an hour in the toilet, not allowing anyone to enter. It was hard to calm him down. Well I do with it, how to explain that one does not try to scare people? Especially when people are not very healthy psyche ... Hmm. I think it is useless to say something to explain. Hopefully with time it will be a shame and she will no longer do so. So, let's see what they do. Everything seems to be calm, no fighting, no crying, no pissing in their pants.

 Well, you can take care of herself. How long I do not do sports! Who would have thought that it is so hard. But my skills in sport quietly improved! Soon it's time to sleep. Some guys have settled down ... In our house with 5 beds! How was it possible not to think about it, because we are 8 people! We, of course, there are two sofa on the first floor, but this is still not enough. Therefore, with regard to sleep, here we have the rule: those who had time, he and sat down. So I hurried to go to the last remaining bed. I hope others will find where to take a nap. I slept sweetly, despite the fact that the bed was very uncomfortable. Surely they were so sorry to have money that they could not buy a bed is better? But the dreams I dreamed of good. I dreamed I mschu ex-husband, take away all back what rightfully belongs to me. To rotate all, I need a cunning plan. So I woke up and decided to do logic. It was still dark and I went to look through the telescope. anything interesting I have not seen. And not particularly understand how to use it. Do not worry, I still have some time to sort things out.

When I came out from the balcony, I saw a pleased attractive face Lindsay. She gestures tried to explain to me something. Yeah, I think I understand. She wanted to take a bath. With bath, we always had problems. All our numerous guards we had only one bathroom. With one toilet and one bathroom. Therefore, the door to this room is often created crush. It was not so bad. But when one of them is not knowing what he was doing wrong, flew there while I wash, I felt very awkward ... So, as you know soak in the bath, there was no opportunity. But it is necessary because sometimes arrange a holiday? And then I had an idea. I found Nathan's hand and led him to the piano. Gesture nodded at him, showing that I want him to play. You know, to be honest, a few days he began to play much better. His skills are developed, and it was a pleasure to listen to him. So as soon as he started playing, all subjects ran into the hall, listening to his enthusiastic play. But while everyone had a music concert, we took turns Lindsay took a hot bath. As it was great to sit in the hot water! After that Lindsay even temporarily abandoned their antics and did not frighten anyone. but the next day we happened trouble.

Harry, it is unclear how, managed just ... Well, after that it was a small. The disease crippled everyone, including me. We all went, like a bunch of zombies. I barely was able to make all travel. Temperature, LFCC, cough ... Br, how it was disgusting. Nathan first went on the amendment. And seeing how bad the rest of his friends, he decided to cook us a meal. I was incredibly surprised when I heard the roar of the kitchen pots. I got up from the couch and crawled to see what was going on. Nathan was preparing waffles. At first I was over, very happy. His stomach growled something, looking forward to a hearty meal. But then I looked at Nathan. No, I would like to try cooking it ... But the food was ready and he, under our strict supervision went to try his cooking first. Judging by his face, do not really like him ... But it was still edible . Therefore, we unanimously pounced on these wafers. We did not stop even then, they were half-baked. After eating, I was waiting for the next surprise. Broken sink. What to do, you can not not do the dishes? I had to repair, armed with a wrench.
  Nathan was clearly displeased. Maybe he decided that since cooking, now and sinks should fix itself? Well, I would not mind. Incidentally, not only in it began to exude domesticity. Angela was cleaning plumbing even more me! Still, there is in him something of the girls, except for appearance. And by the way, we had to pay the bills. But where to get the money, I had no idea. I decided poprobavat in creativity. Began to paint. It turned out good ... But here's to earn the required amount on time did not work, so one morning we looked to the bailiff ... Looks like someone really loves his job. At this time, we were sitting on the couch with Harry and Anakin. Harry did not even pay for his coming any attention - continued to tuck into a salad with a completely straight face! But Anakin something happy. Well, the picture police officer withdrew he always disliked ... So from one side of his joy is understandable. When I told him a couple of words about the picture that was taken away, he gave me a triad of incomprehensible words. And then paused for a long time, probably thinking about their meaning ... I did not understand a word. But no matter what, guys, we have very cute! What can be said about some of the girls ...


 In particular lillianite. Sometimes it was painful to watch. It is certainly smart, learn to play the guitar. But she played with a face that was scary to assume the feelings she puts into his game ... And to Harry, they do not seem to really get along. I really hope that the good guy will be all right. all and strive to offend a harmless poor devil, who is clearly not of this world. Probably thought he was somewhere far to the Quidditch Cup, because he often gets up from the couch, which usually sits, and starts waving his arms, shouting something. He often does not notice what is happening around. Maybe that's why he does not like so much?

 Yes, it is hard to live with lunatics ... Especially when they wake up childhood in one place. When they begin to argue with yourself, as Anakin. Or when Angel starts trying to scare all the horror stories, he now and then wincing. Too hard then they calm down ... But still, I do not stop them melt. And love all of my little psycho) I hope that soon we get by.....





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