Sunday, 20 January 2013

Top 10 Signs Showing Your Partner is Cheating

The elders have their own saying regarding love. They all say that love is blind, and this is the main thing that prevents us from seeing the infidelities of our partner. Many times, when we are secure of the feelings our partner has for us, we face the things we fear the most: infidelity. The next 10 signs could help you determine a possible cheating from your partner.

1. Too much attention:

Nobody says that attention come from your partner isn’t good. But when he proves to be more attentive than usually, you can get a clue that things have another allure. What pushes him to be more attentive with you is the guilt feeling he has for cheating you. If this is not his normal behavior, then you should think about other motifs of his attention.

2. You are always arguing:

A new relationship always brings changes in the mood and the psychological state of your partner. He/she will always find subject of discussions in everything you want to tell him. This argues come from the guilt feeling your partner has in front of you. By having heated discussions, your partner try to convince himself that things have degraded between you two. In this way, he will find a justification of his actions.

3. Changing moods:

This sign shows perfectly the differences between the life before and the possible new life of your partner. If in the past he/she was always smiling talking about his/her job, now he/she is always changing moods when enters into the house. More than this, he/she begins to criticize the things that used to like about you.

4. Your partner spends more time in front of the mirror:

 If after years of relationship in which your partner didn’t care too much of his appearance, a sudden change could betray a love affair. The sign are obvious: he tries to look younger and more attractive, the wardrobe doesn’t satisfy him anymore and he is very attentive with his diet. Also, changes of preferences in terms of music, movies or food are signs of a possible cheating.

5. He/she gets furious when you ask for information:

 The partner who has someone else beside you will always avoid discussions. Unexpected phone calls, questions about the activity he/she developed that day, all these will make him/her furious and refractory. All these are surely signs of cheating. Try to discuss with your partner and solve the misunderstandings appeared in your relationship.

6. He/she always throws accusations on you:

 The partner who has another love relationship will always try to find your censorious. He/she always complains about your way of thinking, although some time before you were the perfect discussion partner. Nothing of what you do is enough to meet his /her expectations. If you begin to discuss about infidelity, he/she will accuse you of having another relationship.

7. Your personal life has degraded:

 Spending time with friends, avoiding discussions and refusing intimate relations, are the signs that show you that there is a problem between you two. The lack of communication and interaction between partners affects, in the same time, their intimate life. A partner who refuses to make love and finds excuses is possible to have other affair.

8. Your partner tends to ask for more privacy:

 If at the beginning of your relationship, your partner doesn’t feel embarrassed to undress in front of you, a third person involved will determine some changes in his/her behavior. Your partner refuses to share the intimacy with you and he/she tends to close the door behind him/her, avoiding you. This can be a sure sign that something is wrong in your relationship.

9. He/she feels guilty when you surprise him/her with a nice gesture:

 The nice gestures between the members of a couple are something natural at the beginning of a relationship. In time, any gesture of affection could not be so well received by your partner, and this is mostly like to happen in those cases of infidelity. He/she might feel guilty because a third person is involved. If you notice changes in your partner’s behavior, think about a possible extramarital relationship.

10. He uses new jokes and expressions:
 Having a relationship with other person implies adopting few characteristics of his/her lifestyle and few things used in the communication process. If you see these changes at your partner’s way of speaking and joking, try to analyze and make sure there isn’t any other person involved. This could be one of the signs that betray a possible extramarital relationship.

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