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Top 10 Most Impressive Temples Around in World

The construction of a temple has the role of remembering people the existence of the Divinity they believe in. The temples are also the materialization of the place where believers can communicate with their Divinity. The next ten temples are the living proof of the beauties people can create in perfect communion with nature. From the oldest ones till the modern ones, the temples are always a good motif for visiting and getting in touch with the other cultures.

1. Tiger’s Nest Monastery:

 The legend of this literally breathtaking construction has in the center the figure of Rinpoche Guru, the second Buddha. After flying in the back of tigress, the Rinpoche Guru meditated in the cave that is supposed to be inside the walls of this monastery. Built in 1692 and rebuilt in 1998 after a fire, this monastery is not open for the ordinary tourists and doesn’t host ascetic monks. Despite the restrictions imposed, this monastery remains an amazing construction, well anchored in the mountains’ walls.

2. Wat Rong Khun
Thailand’s most amazing temple, Wat Rong Khun, is the difference between all the Buddhist temples of the world. What astonishes is the completely white structure and fully decorated with mosaic mirrors that bring the magic out. The construction is not finished yet, and estimations go somewhere around 90 years from now. It is an attempt to equal the grandeur of the Sagrada Familia church from Barcelona.

3. Potala Palace:
Built on the top of the Red Mountain in Tibet, Potala Palace offers its visitors not only the spiritual tranquility, but also the breathtaking landscape that gives the feeling of being at the half distance between earth and sky. The two components of this temple are the Portrang Karpo and the Portrang Marpo, the blank Palace and The Red Palace. It was the residence of the fourteen Dalai Lama, and today it is considered national museum.

4. The Temple of Heaven:
In the capital of China, Beijing, the Temple of Heaven was constructed. Followers of the Taoism, Chinese people come to this temple to pray for rich crops and sins forgiveness. In the XIV century, the Yongle emperor of the Ming Dynasty ordered the construction of this temple in order to help his subjects to better interact with their divinities. The architecture is very interesting, everything that represents the Heaven being round, and the terrestrial characteristics being square shaped.

5. The Golden Temple:
“The Abode of God”, Harmandir Sahib in Punjabi language, this temple is the most sacred place of Sikhism. The followers of this religion see in this temple the expression of freedom and the spiritual independency. The tranquility floating here marks the perfect place for meditation. Its construction begun in 1500 and is decorated with sculptures and plated with gold and precious metals.

6. Shwedagon Pagoda:
Situated in Myanmar, the historical moment of its construction remains a mystery. According to legends, this temple dates 2,500 years back in history. What makes it unique is the literally meaning of golden. The dome of this building is covered all over with 5,000 diamonds and 2000 rubies. The visitors arrived here can see one of the most sacred relics: 8 hairs of Buddha.

7. Prambanan:

 Hindu temple placed in the Central Java, Indonesia, Prambanan was built in 850 CE and today “contains” of 8 shrines and other 250 smaller ones. What you can see by coming here are the spectacular bas-reliefs, which charm you with the legends of the supreme Hindu deity Vishnu incarnations, the amazing adventures of the Hanuman, the Monkey King, etc. This temple offers in the same time divine grace and beauty, and looking it at night amplifies its grandeur.

8. Chion-in Temple:

 Built in 1234 CE, this temple has many interesting things to reveal to its visitors. It has been raised in the honor of priest Honen who died by fasting. Its bell holds the record of weighing 74 tons and there are necessary 17 priests to ring it. The second interesting fact of this temple is the “melodious” floor of the Assembly Hall. The wooden planks compounding the floor have been specially created to make noise with every step made. This alarm was telling the priest about intruders.

 9. Vishnu Temple of Srirangam:
Dedicated to the Indian Goddess, Vishnu, this temple is the largest Hindu place for praying. The legend attached to this amazing construction brings in front an old sage who rested here during his peregrinations and raised a statue of Vishnu lying on a giant serpent. When the time for leaving has come, the sage discovered that the statue couldn’t be moved forward, so he decided to construct a temple around it. Today, the construction has reached enormous dimensions, having an area of 63 hectares and a height of 72 meters.
10. The Angor Wat:
Built in Cambodia at the beginning of the XII century, Angor Wat represents the grandeur of the Asian world and it is real inspiration for uncountable stories and Hollywood movies. Raised in the honor of the Hindu goddess Vishnu, this temple has gained its fame only after a monk come here described it. He observed the architectural uniqueness of this construction and easily proclaimed the highest achievement of the human genius. Toray, only the ruins of Angkor Thom and Bayon are visited, which served as the capital of the Khmer Empire.

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